Traffic Restrictions

The Traffic restrictions layer represents multi-link condition coding applicable to the Navigable Roads and is used to model restrictions to specific maneuvers in the road network. The Traffic Restrictions primitive initially includes Turn Restrictions and Permitted Driving maneuvers. Over time additional multi-link restrictions can be added to the traffic restrictions map layer, e.g. gates or bifurcations.

Type of content included Description
Geometry Geometry of the multi-link path describing the Relation, for example, Incoming and Outgoing Link of a Turn Restriction.
Object Condition ID is the primary map object identifier.
Attribution Attribution applicable to the conditions, like Turn Restriction Type, Vehicle flags to which the condition applies or Date Time modifiers.
Date Time Modifier Indication of specific Date / Time restrictions applicable to the condition.

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Possible Use Cases

The Traffic restrictions layer can be used to:

  • Enrich the Navigable Road layer with more advanced navigation content applicable to specific road situations.

Navigable Roads - the Navigable Roads layer is to be used in combination with the Traffic restrictions layer. The Traffic restrictions layer is self-contained but is not functionally usable in a navigation / routing scenario without the Navigable Roads layer.

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