List of Cities

Map Data for the following cities are available in the current release:

Continent Country City
Africa Egypt Alexandria
Africa Egypt Cairo
Africa Egypt Giza
Africa Nigeria Ibadan
Africa Nigeria Kano
Africa Nigeria Lagos
Africa South Africa Cape Town
Africa South Africa Durban
Africa South Africa Johannesburg
Asia China Hong Kong
Asia India Bangalore
Asia India Delhi
Asia India Mumbai
Asia Indonesia Bandung
Asia Indonesia Jakarta
Asia Indonesia Surabaya
Asia Japan Osaka
Asia Japan Tokyo
Asia Japan Yokohama
Asia Philippines Davao City
Asia Philippines Manila
Asia Philippines Quenzon City
Asia Taiwan Taipei
Asia Vietnam Haiphong
Asia Vietnam Hanoi
Asia Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
Europe England Birmingham
Europe England London
Europe England Manchester
Europe France Lyon
Europe France Marseille
Europe France Paris
Europe Germany Berlin
Europe Germany Hamburg
Europe Germany Munich
Europe Italy Milan
Europe Italy Naples
Europe Italy Rome
Europe Netherlands Amsterdam
Europe Netherlands Hague
Europe Netherlands Rotterdam
Europe Russia Moscow
Europe Russia Novosibirsk
Europe Russia St. Petersburg
North America Canada Montreal
North America Canada Toronto
North America Canada Vancouver
North America Mexico Ecatepec
North America Mexico Guadalajara
North America Mexico Mexico City
North America United States Chicago
North America United States Houston
North America United States Los Angeles
North America United States New York
North America United States Phoenix
Oceania Australia Brisbane
Oceania Australia Melbourne
Oceania Australia Sydney
Oceania New Zealand Auckland
Oceania New Zealand Christchurch
Oceania New Zealand Wellington
South America Argentina Buenos Aires
South America Argentina Cordoba
South America Argentina Rosario
South America Brazil Brasilia
South America Brazil Rio de Janeiro
South America Brazil Sao Paulo
South America Colombia Bogota
South America Colombia Cali
South America Colombia Medellin

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