In the HERE platform, data consists of both maps and location information that HERE provides, such as Real-Time Traffic and Weather, as well as data that you and other users provide. The HERE platform portal provides access to many activities related to data, including discovering, managing, and visualizing the data.

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Discover Data

The HERE platform portal is where you can start exploring data. The platform portal helps business analysts, data scientists, and developers to explore data by browsing, filtering, and searching for catalogs as well as layers. Click Data in the navigation bar to see a list of catalogs and layers that you have permission to read. When you find data of interest, you can perform a deeper analysis using Notebooks.

A catalog is a collection of layers that are logically managed as a single set. Click on a catalog to view its details. The catalog details page presents all the catalog metadata, such as description, tags, data coverage, creation date, HERE Resource Name (HRN), and a list of the layers in the catalog. For more information, see Catalogs.

A layer contains semantically related data and can be overlaid spatially to construct a complete digital map. For example, a catalog might contain a layer which contains road sign data and another layer containing road topology data. A layer can be used in one or more catalogs. For more information, see Layers.

Most layers are divided into partitions. A partition divides the data in a layer into reasonable units for caching and processing. For more information, see Partitions.

The platform portal contains rich metadata about both catalogs and layers. This metadata shows the origin, provider, coverage, and freshness of the data. You can view geographic data coverage on a map and, for certain data types, view the data itself on a map. You can also examine data more closely by reviewing and downloading schemas and decoded data. In summary, the platform portal is the best path for exploring data when you are not sure which data you are interested in using.

Manage Data

Apart from data discovery, you can use the platform portal to create and manage different data assets. Catalogs, layers, and pipelines can all be created, configured, managed, and shared using the platform portal. To create schemas you must use the schema archetype available in the HERE platform SDKs.


You must have the HERE Workspace Plan to create pipelines and schemas.

Visualize Data

The platform portal is a useful tool for investigating or visualizing data processing output on a map. Click Data and navigate to the data layer, then review the layers details page. On this page, you can also see the list of partitions in the layer. The partitions are geographic tiles if latitude/longitude information is included.

Other Ways of Working With Data

Aside from the platform portal, the HERE platform provides other ways of working with data.

Command Line Interface

The command line interface (CLI) is part of the HERE platform SDKs. It offers the same data management functions that are available in the platform portal (such as creating catalogs and layers, listing catalogs and layers, getting metadata) but the OLP CLI enables you to execute these commands from the command line. Further, commands can be stored in scripts so you can run repetitive commands easily. The OLP CLI will most likely be your interface of choice when working with the HERE platform for this reason.

The CLI is useful for:

  • Developers who want programmatic access to the functions available in the platform portal
  • Developers and administrators who want to automate data management tasks in scripts

For more information, see the HERE Platform CLI Guide.


You must have the HERE Workspace Plan to access the CLI.

Data Client Library

The Data Client Library is a Java/Scala library you can use to read and write data to the HERE platform. It provides a layer of abstraction from the REST APIs which shields you from changes that may occur to HERE platform APIs as they evolve. The Data Client Library also reduces the complexity involved in reading and writing data, reducing the time it takes to add HERE platform data interaction to your applications.

The Data Client Library is useful for:

  • Developers who want to incorporate HERE platform data into applications written in Java or Scala
  • Developers who want to write less code than is required by the REST APIs

For more information, see the Data Client Library Developer's Guide.


If you are a Marketplace user and you do not have the HERE Workspace plan, you do not have access to the SDK. See the Marketplace Consumer User's Guide or the Marketplace Provider User's Guide for instructions on downloading the Data Client Library.

Data API

The Data API is a REST API that provides access to data and data management functions. The Data API is useful for:

  • Developers who want to incorporate HERE platform data into applications written in something other than Java or Scala
  • Developers who want access to the HERE platform APIs

For more information, see the Data API Developer's Guide.

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