Create a Catalog

If you have data you want to bring to the HERE platform, you need to create a catalog to organize the data. A catalog is a collection of data that is logically managed as a single set. Catalogs contain layers that represent different types of data and that can be overlaid spatially to construct a complete digital map. For example, a catalog may contain a map that includes layers for road attributes, topology, and signs.

To create a catalog using the platform portal:

  1. Click Data.
  2. Click Add Catalog then click New Catalog.
  3. Define the catalog's metadata by filling in the following fields.

    The information you provide in these fields helps you and others find and understand the data in the catalog. We recommend giving careful thought to the metadata you provide so that it is as easy as possible to find and share catalogs effectively. For examples of metadata, see the HERE-provided catalogs in the platform portal.

    • Catalog Home project: The platform project is a collection of resources (catalogs, pipelines, and schemas) with controlled access. If you select the option to create a catalog in a project then you can select a home project for your catalog. To better understand how to manage projects, see: Manage platform projects.
    • Catalog Name: A user-friendly name for the catalog. This is the name that is displayed when browsing catalogs.
    • Catalog ID: The ID to use when referring to this catalog programatically. Catalog IDs must be unique across all catalogs in the HERE platform. This ID will be part of the catalog's HERE Resource Name (HRN).

    Note: Catalog IDs

    Catalog IDs are publicly visible since they are part of the catalog HRN. Do not include private or company confidential information when you specify a catalog ID. Catalog names are private by default, which means you can add your private or confidential information in this field.

    • Catalog Summary: A brief summary of the catalog.
    • Catalog Description: A detailed description of the catalog and what it contains.
    • Tags: Keywords that help find the catalog when searching in the platform portal.
  4. Click Save.

    It may take a few minutes to create the catalog. You will see a notification banner when the catalog is created.

    Once the catalog is created you can add layers to the catalog. For more information, see Create a Layer.

By default, the user who creates a catalog has manage, read, and write permissions. For information about giving other users access to the catalog, see Share a Catalog.


It may take several minutes for a new catalog to appear in the list of catalogs returned by the Data Client Library, CLI, and REST API.

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