Deploying Pipelines

To deploy a testing, metrics, or assessment pipeline to the HERE platform, you must build it as a fat JAR. For more information on using your fat JAR in a deployment, see the Pipeline CLI User's Guide.

Building Fat JARs

To run your application on the platform portal, you need to pack all required dependencies into a Fat JAR.

The Data Validation Library's configuration approach requires every module or JAR to have has its own reference.conf file, which the configuration discovers and then loads. Consequently, if you combine multiple JAR files into one JAR, you need to merge their corresponding reference.conf files as well. Otherwise, all default configurations may be lost, resulting in the client not functioning as expected.

We suggest using Maven to package your application, as the HERE Data SDK supports it by default. In the code snippet below, replace your_version with the version of the SDK you are using.



The Data Validation Library supports standard logging via SL4FJ. If you require a specific logging back end that is SLF4J compatible, you need to specify the configuration in the application.conf. Your runtime also requires a SLF4J backend. For more information on logging backend implementations for SLF4J, refer to SL4FJ.

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