Why Use The Data Validation Library

Validating datasets in the catalogs can prevent situations where data changes may cause libraries or services to show unexpected behavior or stop working. In addition, large data sets like cartographic data require systematic and full coverage testing.

The validation library is scalable and incremental; only the data that has changed is validated. This way, developers can concentrate on resolving input dependencies and implementing the validation logic.

The Data Validation library provides the following components:

  • core -- contains common map-reduce validation patterns
  • protobufs -- contains Scala bindings and common messages for output catalogs published by the validation library, such as test result statuses and error severities
  • scaladoc -- describes the Scala API
  • Java bindings -- contains all core classes and protobufs as Java API
  • javadoc -- describes the Java API
  • examples -- contains a set of examples built on top of core; shows how to use the validation library on the HERE platform catalogs compiled from HERE Map Content data.

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