Deeplinking API
Deeplinking API Developer's Guide

URL Format

Each request must conform to the following format:{share_object}/

Every request must use the HTTP method GET.

The table below explains the elements that make up a deeplinking URL.

Table 1. Elements in a Deeplinking API request
Element Description
share_object A one-letter identifier which matches one of
  • r, for route
  • p, for place
  • l, for location
share_object_path_params Parameters that depend on the share object. For places, this is a Share ID. For routes, it is a set of waypoints separated by slashes. For location, it is a pair of coordinates.
query_params Parameters describing how the share object should be presented by the client application.

Common Query Parameters

The following query parameters can be used with any type of share object.

t - Map Type
Specifies what map type should be shown. Default value is normal. This is an optional parameter. If a platform does not support the requested types, it gracefully degrades to the closest version.
  • normal: the default cartography view
  • hybrid: a combined view of normal/satellite
  • traffic: traffic imagery combined with
  • terrain: terrain type view
  • satellite: satellite imagery view
  • pt: public transit combined view
  • panorama: street-view map
z - Zoom Level
Specifies what level the map should be zoomed. This parameter is mandatory in a shared location URL. Valid values are 0 to 20
ref - Referrer
Specifies the original issuer of a share link. The value for this parameter should be a unique string identifier.