Deeplinking API
Deeplinking API Developer's Guide

Why use the Deeplinking API?

The HERE Deeplinking API provides solutions for the following high level use cases:

  • Sharing a place or address
  • Sharing a route or itinerary
  • Sharing a location

You can trigger sharing on the web or a native Deeplinking API application. A web browser or on a mobile device with a Deeplinking API application installed can receive and open the shared URL.

To share an object, formulate a URL request that combines the URL and a set of parameters to specify details such as map coordinates, map types, zoom level, location labels, routing options, and point of interest data.

Use the Deeplinking API wherever you want to enhance your user experience or increase user engagement by providing an interactive map via HERE applications. For example:
  • You are a hotel owner and want to embed a routing link to your hotel in the confirmation E-mail you send your guests, or
  • you are a mobile app developer and want your users to be able to share a location accessible on any platform.
The Deeplinking API allows you to do this quickly and easily. A Deeplink can be as simple as latitude and longitude, or as complicated as a detailed series of waypoints. It allows you to be flexible in sharing places and routes to your users.
Note: The Deeplinking API is not a strict specification. Client applications may ignore certain URL parameters and use their own default values instead. For example, an application may always use a default zoom level to show Places.