Destination Weather API Developer's Guide


LocationMetadata represents the geographical location and other data of a response element.

The table below documents the member attributes of LocationMetadata.

Table 1. LocationMetadataType elements
Attribute Data Type Description
id String Location ID.
country String Location country name.
state String Location state name.
city String Location city name.
latitude Double Latitude in degrees in WGS 84 format.
longitude Double Longitude in degrees in WGS 84 format.
elevation Double Elevation in meters.
distance Double Air distance between the location in the response and the specified location in km.
dayOfWeek String Weekday number 1 through 7, where 1 indicates Sunday.

If the element is in the response and it contains a value, there is an Integer in the String. If the element is in the response and it does not contain a value, the value is "".

weekDay String Name of day.
utcTime Date Date and time the forecast was issued. The format is either YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.SSS + the timezone offset, unless the forecast is for a location in the UTC zone, in which the date and time is terminated by a Z.
Note: If daylight saving time is in effect for a specified location, times will be adjusted for daylight savings time.
localTime String Local time, for example, 0701312013, which is hour 7 of 2013-01-31.
localTimeFormat String Local time format.

The format is HHMMddyyyy.

timezone Integer Location timezone as an offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC).
Note: Daylight saving time is not accounted for.