Destination Weather API Developer's Guide


The structure NWSAlertsType represents a location for a NWS weather warnings and watches.

Table 1. NWSAlertsType elements
Element Data Type Description
warning NWSAlertItemsType Warning issued for location.

These alerts require immediate notification and are extremely time sensitive. Severe weather warnings are sorted by county id and should generally only be sent to locations within that particular county. Customer may wish to include warnings from counties within a certain distance threshold such as 25 or 50 kilometers.

watch NWSAlertItemsType Watch issued for location.

Includes watches, advisories, special weather statements, and marine warnings.

These alerts cover an extended time frame from several minutes to several hours; immediate activation is not always necessary for these alerts although it is highly recommended. Severe Weather Watches are listed by zone and should be sent to all locations within a reasonable distance of the respective zone.