Fleet Connectivity Developer's Guide

Deleting Events

This section provides an example of a DELETE request which clears read event messages from the queue.

User Story

In continuation of the user story from Requesting Updates from the Assets, the dispatcher software client, Dispatcher-1, after receiving updates from Asset-1, deletes the event using the event_id. This can be seen as a clean-up or flush of read messages pending further incoming events.

Request Summary Delete Events

Content-Type: application/json
Resource: deleteevent
Parameters: [apiKey={YOUR_API_KEY}], specifies the authentication apiKey.
Note: When you use an app_id/app_code pair, [app_id={YOUR_APP_ID}] and [app_code={YOUR_APP_CODE}] specify the authentication app_id and app_code. For more information, see Authentication Examples.
  [asset_id=], specifies the [asset_id who created the events
  [event_ids=], specifies the [event_ids to be deleted

Delete Events Request

The code block below demonstrates the complete request, specifying that the response data are to be delivered in JSON.
Note: This example uses a HERE API Key to authenticate your request. For information on other possible options, see Authentication Guide. For examples of how to use the other authentication options with the Fleet Connectivity, see Authentication Examples.

Delete Events Response

The response to the DELETE request is empty.