Fleet Connectivity Developer's Guide

Requesting Updates from the Assets

This section provides an example of a request for an updated ETA from the assets.

User Story

In continuation of the user story from Sending a Job to an Asset, the dispatcher software client, Dispatcher-1, requests an update from Asset-1. The response from Asset-1 contains the remaining time in seconds and the current position in geocoordinates at a street corner in the immediate neighborhood of the target position at the HERE Berlin Campus.

Request Summary List Updates

Content-Type: application/json
Resource: listupdates
Parameters: [apiKey={YOUR_API_KEY}], specifies the authentication apiKey.
Note: When you use an app_id/app_code pair, [app_id={YOUR_APP_ID}] and [app_code={YOUR_APP_CODE}] specify the authentication app_id and app_code. For more information, see Authentication Examples.
  [dispatcher_id=Dispatcher-1], filters the updates messages for those that are sent to this dispatcher id

List Updates Request

Note: This example uses a HERE API Key to authenticate your request. For information on other possible options, see Authentication Guide. For examples of how to use the other authentication options with the Fleet Connectivity, see Authentication Examples.

List Updates Response

The response to the request contains a list of events with the following information:
  • the version of the Fleet Connectivity
  • the event ID which identifies the asset's status message
  • the message ID which identifies the request from the dispatcher software client
  • the job ID which identifies the asset's current job
  • the asset ID which identifies the asset
  • the dispatcher ID which identifies the dispatcher software client
  • the creation time in Unix time format
  • the status message type
  • the update message itself including
    • the remaining time it takes the asset to reach its destination in seconds
    • the current position in WGS 84 geocoordinates
The example response in JSON format is as follows:
  events: [
      version: "1.0",
      event_id: "7a86611f-5707-69ba-61dd-980cb814ba6c",
      message_id: "d50c0671-e52b-3c3f-5c1e-d97714791dd2",
      job_id: "12345",
      asset_id: "Asset-1",
      dispatcher_id: "Dispatcher-1",
      creation_time_ms: 1446202799806,
      type: "ETA_UPDATE",
      eta_update: {
        remaining_time_seconds: 30,
        lat: 52.53058,
        lon: 13.3775