Fleet Connectivity Developer's Guide

Fleet Connectivity Ecosystem

The Fleet Connectivity is part of an ecosystem in which a number of components exchange messages. The figure below provides an overview.
Figure 1. Fleet Connectivity Ecosystem

The physical components in this ecosystem are:

  • Dispatcher – a central function synonymous with an application that manages mobile assets
  • Assets – networked devices typically associated with mobile units in the fleet (for example delivery trucks)
  • Fleet Connectivity Web Service – an on-line service that acts as a conduit for communication between the dispatcher and the mobile assets

The following sections provides further information about these physical components.


The dispatcher is a central function responsible for managing mobile assets in the fleet through an application that uses the Fleet Connectivity. This is a REST API that allows the dispatcher to send jobs to the assets and regularly poll for updates on their status.

In reality, the dispatcher function can make use of one or more physical or logical dispatcher applications with identical functionality and responsibilities to ensure optimal load distribution and fault tolerance. Dispatcher applications can direct and monitor separate or overlapping sets of assets (for example per country or per store).


An asset represents a mobile unit in a fleet (for example a delivery truck, a car, or a motorcycle) and is capable of running an application created with a HERE iOS and Android Premium Edition SDKs that provides routing services to the asset and interacts with one or more dispatchers via the Fleet Connectivity. An application can have multiple assets, limited by the number specified in the commercial contract with HERE. Typically, an asset is monitored as it travels towards or from its destination defined by a set of WGS 84 coordinates.

Fleet Connectivity Web Service

The Fleet Connectivity Web Service is hosted by HERE to support communication between dispatcher applications and the mobile assets they manage. It is the pivotal element in the information flow within the ecosystem.