Fleet Connectivity Developer's Guide

Fleet Connectivity Push or Pull Messages

Dispatchers can either poll periodically for new messages, or keep a long polling call open, which Fleet Connectivity only returns after something new arrived. The second option is preferred, because it minimizes the network and server utilization as well as the delay until a new message arrives at the dispatcher. Whenever the connection is lost or the server returned an empty response due to a timeout or too high number of connections, the dispatcher should simply launch the next long polling call, after a short wait time.

Assets can do the same like dispatchers, with the same properties. In addition, dispatchers can notify Android bases assets about the arrival of a new message using Google Push (FireBase Cloud Messaging). Therefore, the asset application must register for Google Push messages. Then the app doesn't have to poll or keep long polling requests open. It can even go into the background or become deactivated by Android. Also after phone switch-off or network interruptions, the push messages arrive asap. Push notifications are empty, they just tell that the asset should call Fleet Connectivity, because a message is available.