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The HERE Fleet Telematics API REST API allows customers to access a diverse and rich set of location features designed to support some of the most complex use cases related to routing, search and map data retrieval.

Figure 1. Overview

Through the Routing and Route Matching end point, you can calculate routes while optimizing a sequence of the waypoints to be reached, determine the applicable toll costs along a route considering rest times or calculate cost optimized routes while taking into account parameters like fuel cost, custom speed profiles and more. It also allows for custom edits and restrictions to the road network that can be considered anytime a route is generated.

Through the Search end point, you can retrieve search for custom locations within geometries like polylines or polygons, as well as advanced HERE map data sets that can be used into applications through various thematic layers.

Through the Upload data end point, you can import and manage any custom data like places/ POIs, road restrictions and geometries, for future visualization onto the HERE Maps, for search and for routing.

All the features available through the Fleet Telematics API can be used through separate calls or in combination through one service request.

For the terms and conditions covering this documentation, see the HERE Documentation License.


For the available authentication options, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide.

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