Toll Cost & Cost Optimize

Activate toll cost calculation or toll cost optimization in "calculateroute.json" by request parameter "tollVehicleType".

In addition to the "tollVehicleType" you can specify many toll-relevant vehicle parameters, like weight, width, length, height, trailer height or fuel type. These parameters are marked with "used for toll cost" in the API Reference.

These route response will contain cost / details / tollCost and the toll cost will be added to cost / totalCost.

In addition, toll cost detail can be requested on different levels, using the "rollups" parameter:

  • total summary only
  • cost per road link
  • cost per country
  • cost per toll system

Types of Costs

The total cost due for road usage can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Road section costs – Fees that the driver must pay to use a specific road, section of road or to go through a specific toll booth
  • Administrative area admission costs – Fees that the driver must pay in order to gain access to the road network of a specific area
  • Ferry costs – Fees that the driver must pay for using the ferry for himself including his vehicle

The total cost for these 3 categories is returned separately in the response to a request. Note that ferry costs are currently only averages and hence taken into consideration for route optimization, but not returned as explicit cost items.

Calculating Cost-Optimized Routes

The router always computes a cost optimized route. Per default it assumes high driver cost and hence computes the fastest route.

To only compute the toll cost along the fastest route (i.e. do not change the route to reduce toll cost) specify a high value in the driver_cost parameter and a low value in the vehicle_cost parameter.

To get a (toll) cost optimized route, specify (part of) the following parameters:

  • driver_cost – Cost of driving per hour in the specified currency, such as the hourly wage for a truck driver
  • vehicle_cost – Cost of using the vehicle per kilometer in the specified currency, such as the cost of using a truck
  • customConsumptionDetails – Fuel / energy cost of the vehicle
  • Value of optional "pick & drop" waypoints

Choosing a Toll Cost Routing Engine

Specify the parameter &rollup and/or &cost_optimize to get the route calculated by Routing API. Routing API itself doesn't cost/toll optimize, but provides a fastest and a shortest route and some more routes with different options. Fleet Telematics API then chooses the route which has the minimum sum of driver_cost, vehicle_cost and toll cost. Hence, a (toll)cost optimized route is usually found, but it is not always guaranteed.

Specify the parameter &rollups instead of &rollup, and don't specify &cost_optimize, to get the route computed within Fleet Telematics API. Fleet Telematics API ignores the shortest/fastest in the mode parameter. Instead, it minimizes the sum of driver_cost, vehicle_cost and toll cost. This yields fully cost optimized routes (within the limitation that routing doesn't consider smallest roads when very far away from way points). But doesn't support all Routing API parameters and can show higher response times.

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