Electric Vehicle Routing with Charging

Driving long routes with an electric vehicle can be challenging, because several intermediate charging stops are required as battery range is limited and matching/available charging stations along the route are less frequent than gas stations.

Routing can select and include the optimal charging points along the route path.

Detour to a nearby charging station so that the capacity never falls below a threshold
Figure 1. Detour to a nearby charging station so that the capacity never falls below a threshold

To active routing with intermediate charging points specify the following parameter:

  • &customConsumptionDetails=speed,0,0.102,10,0.084,30,0.066,50,0.06,70,0.066,100,0.072,120,0.084,140,0.108;ascent,0.4;descent,0.1

    The energy consumption details specify how much energy the car consumes at a certain speed. In addition, the energy consumed or gained for height difference made along the way.

  • &batteryParameters=initialCharge:15;maxCharge:20;minChargeAtStop:4;chargingStopDepartureCharge:16;chargingCurve:0,6.67,20,0

    Specify the battery level when starting (kWh), battery capacity, by when to recharge and up to which level to recharge. The charging curve tells how much power (kW) the battery can eat at which charging level.

  • &chargingStationFilters

    Specify which connector type(s) the car supports.

  • makeReachable

    If charging stations are not dense enough, a route might not be possible. Set this parameter to still compute a route, and receive warnings where the car will run out of fuel and some charging is needed.

The routing response provides additional information:

  • remainingEnergyAtWayPoint

  • rechargeTimeAtWayPoint

Customers can add their own EV Charging stations - in addition or replacing the HERE EV charging stations. Upload your POI layer into the Custom Locations service and mention the layer name in &evPoiLayer=MyOfficesChargingSpots.

Note: The EV Charging along the Route feature has no standard price yet. Please contact your account executive or customer support engineer to get access and pricing.

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