Use Cases

The Fleet Telematics API is built for the following use cases.

Route Calculation

Calculate routes with advanced transport, logistics and insurance features.

  • Planning, monitoring and post trip analysis
  • Customizable speed profiles for cars and truck categories
  • Truck restrictions on weight, height, width, length, trailers and hazardous material
  • Multiple waypoints including loading time, opening time, deadline, load and capacity
  • Pick and drop optional orders along the route
  • Legal driver rest times, combined with delays at way points and legal truck ban times
  • Way point order optimization (traveling salesman problem)
  • Live traffic and weekly/hourly traffic patterns
  • Cost aware/optimized routing with driver cost, vehicle cost, fuel cost and toll cost
  • Range calculation for limited fuel, time or cost (isoline)
  • Fuel stations, rest areas and restaurant along the route (distance/time/cost isoline around route)
  • Road network customizable - temporary road blocks, private facility maps, special permissions on roads

GPS Trace Matching

Match GPS Traces onto the most probably driven route.

  • High precision matching. Not only for statistical analysis, but also individual drive rating. Patented best in class technology.
  • Warnings for illegal driving maneuvers (one way, no access for vehicle type, illegal turn, illegal u-turn, weight/height/width/length/hazmat restrictions violated, gate traversal, no through traffic)
  • Only coordinates needed, but benefits from time, heading, speed
  • Dense and sparse traces, highly accurate and poor quality traces, up to 1000s of kilometers
  • Filters outliers and noise, handles point clouds on standing vehicles, tunnels, ferries; straightens bad quality sections, in doubt takes legal paths
  • Returns consecutive fully drivable route, even for big gaps in traces (important for statistics like urban/motorway miles), returns match quality per point and road section
  • High batch capacities, fast response time - for post trip analysis and for near-real time monitoring (route departure, theft, delays, driver warning)
  • Reports real time traffic situation & local weather conditions at the time of driving
  • Report violations of legal driver rest time
  • Daylight status & sun exposure (vertical + horizontal angle) for risk rating
  • Any map attributes can be included in response (speed limit, curve radius, slope, height, traffic signs, urban, controlled access, ramp, number of lanes, road roughness, traffic pattern …)
  • Can match onto custom roads like private facility maps
  • Combine with HERE Geofencing on Maps (streets, railroads, rivers, airports, bus stations…) for smartphone based driver rating (to activate tracking when driver is driving in his car)

Simple Online Access to All Map Content

  • Search and retrieve road attributes along the route
  • Speed limits, curve radius, slope, height, stop signs, one ways, number of lanes, road roughness, road types, motorways, urban and so on
  • Fuel stations, EV charging stations, restaurants, rest areas and similar points of interest along the route
  • Traffic signs, traffic lights, direction signs including visuals
  • All HERE map content available
  • In addition, real time truck parking availability can be searched and retrieved, aggregated from 3rd party live content

Bring Your Own Data - Points of Interest

  • Store and retrieve custom and private map content
  • Use points, lines and polygons with arbitrary attributes
  • Add your loading docks, charging spots, delivery tags
  • Use search functions in your current map view, a corridor along a route that is filtered by attribute values, and similar options
  • Modify and extend the road network
  • Add your facility maps, block unsuitable roads for part of your fleet, add additional roads

Bring Your Own Data - Road Changes

  • Road changes instantly used by route calculation
  • One ways, truck restrictions, date/time dependent restrictions
  • Almost unlimited geographic extend and a number of modified roads
  • No deep map knowledge needed: mere drawing and attributing
  • Data automatically map matched and connected into an existing network

Geofence on Your Own Data and on Map Polygons

  • Create and upload your geofences (points, lines, polygons)
  • Check whether your assets are within their geofences or not, and how far away from the fence limit
  • Import router's isolines (drive from/to a location within 20 minutes) and upload them as geofences - to notify the warehouses in time
  • Use any map content as geofences: train station POIs, railway lines, river / airport polygons, city boundaries, state / country boundaries...

Self Hosting

You can also run the Fleet Telematics API in your own premises (self hosted). Contact your sales representative for more information.

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