The HERE SDK provides a full-fledged route engine to calculate the best route directions from A to B, including multiple waypoints and localizable maneuver instructions for each turn. You can also specify your preferences by setting the desired route type (fastest or shortest) and various route options (such as speed profiles, route restrictions, vignette options, and more).

Additional features:

  • Isoline routing: Calculate isoline polygons to represent the area of reach from a given point based on time, distance or fuel consumption.
  • Search along a route: Search for places along an entire route using the SearchEngine.

Get Routes

The HERE SDK supports the following route types:

  • Online car route directions.
  • Online pedestrian route directions.
  • Online truck route directions with highly customizable truck options.
  • Online routes for electric vehicles to find the nearest charging stations (based on the calculated energy consumption and given battery specifications).
  • Online scooter route directions.

Each route type is determined by one of the available route options: CarOptions, PedestrianOptions, TruckOptions, ScooterOptions, EVCarOptions and EVTruckOptions. These options can be set to the available overloads of the route engine's calculateRoute() method.

A usage example is available on GitHub as part of the routing example app. More code snippets and examples will follow soon.

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