Map Items

The HERE SDK allows you to add several types of items to the map, such as map polylines and markers. They are explained in detail in the sections below. Currently, the following map items are supported:

  • Map polylines: Non-moveable rendered lines.
  • Map polygons: Non-moveable rendered shapes.
  • Map circles: Non-moveable rendered circles that can be defined as geo polygons.
  • Map markers: Images that can be pinned to 'mark' specific spots on the map.
  • Map markers 3D: 3D shapes rendered on the map at the specified geographic coordinates.
  • Map view pins: A convenient way to show native Flutter Widget layouts on the map.
  • Map arrows: A convenient way to show arrow indicators on the map.

Polylines, polygons and circles, will adjust their size based on the current zoom level, while markers and pins remain unchanged when zooming.

All map items provide a convenient way to pick them from the map.

A usage example is available on GitHub as part of the map_marker_app & map_objects_app example apps. More code snippets and examples will follow soon.

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