Sourced from HERE's global data set of hundreds of millions of POIs and point addresses worldwide, the HERE SDK for Flutter makes it fast and easy to search. With the HERE SDK you can solve a variety of search related tasks from within a single SearchEngine:

  • Discover places: Search and discover places from HERE's vast database worldwide, either by category or by setting a search term.
  • Generate auto suggestions: Search for places while typing a search term to offer query completion.
  • Reverse geocode an address: Find the address that belongs to certain geographic coordinates.
  • Geocode an address: Find the geographic coordinates that belong to an address.
  • Search by ID: Search for a place identified by a HERE Place ID.
  • Search along a route: Search for places along an entire route.
  • Search by category along a route: Search for places based on categories along an entire route. This feature is in beta state.

One feature that all search variants have in common is that you can specify the location or area where you want to search. Setting an area can be done by passing in a rectangle area specified by a GeoBox or even a circle area specified by a GeoCircle. Any potential search result that lies outside the specified area is ranked with lower priority, except for relevant global results - for example, when searching for "Manhattan" in Berlin. The underlying search algorithms are optimized to help narrow down the list of results to provide faster and more meaningful results to the user.

Note: Each search request is performed asynchronously. An online connection is required.

The massive database of places provided by HERE's Location Services can easily be discovered with the HERE SDK's SearchEngine.

A usage example is available on GitHub as part of the search_app example app. More code snippets and examples will follow soon.

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