How Does the HERE SDK Calculate Monthly Active Users?

The HERE SDK counts monthly active users (MAU), but it does not count, track or identify unique users.

Therefore, individual users are not taken into account, but instead it is relevant, how often a feature of the HERE SDK is executed on a single device. To be counted, any feature of the HERE SDK must be executed at least once per month. If it is executed more often, it will be still counted only as a single monthly active user.

  • A feature is executed, when a MapView is shown, or when any engine like SearchEngine, RoutingEngine or any other engine - including MapDownloader, RoutePrefetcher, Navigator and VisualNavigator (for users of the Navigate Edition) - is instantiated. Resuming an application does not count as separate start. Using methods on any engine does also not count as usage - only the instantiation is counted. The instantiation of the HERE SDK itself is not counted.
  • You can speed-up instantiation of the HERE SDK by creating the SDKNativeEngine early in time: This does not count as MAU. It is also possible to delay the initialization of the HERE SDK. However, this does not affect how MAU are counted: The manual instantiation of the SDKNativeEngine does not count as MAU.
  • It does not matter whether an application is started offline or online: When the HERE SDK is started offline, the events are stored locally on the device until the app is started for the next time with connectivity.

A few examples:

  • What happens when I start my app only once, but do not show any map view or use any of the other features? It does not matter how often the application is started, or how many services are used. Only when you show a MapView, instantiate a SearchEngine, a RoutingEngine or other engines - except SDKNativeEngine - then this is counted as MAU.

  • What happens if I have multiple apps running on a single device? The calculation is application specific which means that one device may have several applications that include the HERE SDK and in this case different application usages will be counted as separate MAU.

  • What happens if I uninstall my app and then reinstall it? Due to privacy reasons, HERE does not count MAU based on the device IMEI. Therefore, a reinstallation of the same app on the same device will be counted as a separate MAU.

  • What happens when I use the same credentials in multiple apps? If these applications are installed on the same device, then they are counted as separate MAU. If they are installed on different devices, then they are counted as separate MAU as well.

  • What happens when I use multiple devices for the same app? If an application is used on different devices with the same credentials, then they are counted as separate MAU. For example, if an application is installed on a smartphone and a tablet, it will be counted as two MAU - regardless, if they are owned and used by the same person.

  • What happens when I change the credentials at runtime? In this case, any further usage is treated as a separate MAU.

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