Coverage Information

Feature support in the HERE SDK may differ depending on the language and locale. The following provides an overview of the currently available coverage.

HERE Location Services

Availability of HERE Map Data

  • Satellite imagery
  • Map data: By default, only a few regions in the world including Japan, China and Korea, contain limited map data. To get access to the full map data, please get in contact with your HERE representative.
  • Offline maps: Allmost all areas of the world can be downloaded for offline use. The list of available regions can be downloaded with the HERE SDK.

Additional Information

You can find more details on our coverage and availability page for each service we offer within the HERE Location Services and the HERE SDK.


In case of unexpected problems, take a look at the overall backend status to see if any service is currently affected.

We are constantly updating our map data and extending our services to new regions, so keep an eye on this page as new content and supported areas will be added for each new release.

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