HERE Fuel Prices API
Fuel Prices API Developer's Guide

Fuel Station

This section provides an example of a request for a list of fuel stations within a specified geometry.

Note: This example uses a HERE API key to authenticate your request. For the available authentication options, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide

User story

You want to obtain a list of fuel stations along a planned travel route.

Request Summary

Resource: stations: The resource representation is specified via extensions .xml or .json
Parameters: corridor: Indicates the area searched for fuel stations; in this case a corridor between Berlin and Hamburg, with a stop at Magdeburg.
  corridorwidth: Indicates the corridor width, in this case 10 km.


This code block demonstrates the complete request, specifying that the response data are to be delivered in JSON format.

Here is the same request indicating that the response data are to be delivered in XML format.


The response to the request contains:

  • a list of stations that fit the specified criteria with additional details

This is the example response in JSON format:

         "street":"Alter Teichweg",
      "name":"Hamburg, Alter Teichweg.",
   { ---removed to shorten document }

This is the example response in XML format:

<fuel:fuelStationsResult xmlns:fuel="" xmlns:common="">
    <fuelStation id="276u1x0u-749a20a72c684f898d045f54239b962d" lastUpdateTimestamp="2014-12-14T11:05:53.374Z" timeZone="Europe/Berlin">
    <street>Alter Teichweg</street>
      <name>Hamburg, Alter Teichweg.</name>
      <fuelPrice fuelType="27" unit="l" currency="EUR" lastUpdateTimestamp="2015-03-08T14:48:52.000Z">
      <fuelPrice fuelType="1" unit="l" currency="EUR" lastUpdateTimestamp="2015-03-08T14:48:52.000Z">
    <fuelStation lastUpdateTimestamp="2013-10-30T04:24:17.518Z" id="276u33d8-099ccdf310fa4d3b9cca7e55073a1a07" timeZone="Europe/Berlin">
      ---removed to shorten document

For more details about responses to this type of request refer to Fuel Stations Response.