Fuel Prices API Developer's Guide


This document introduces the Fuel Prices API and:

  • explains key concepts
  • provides examples
  • documents resources and query parameters
  • documents response structures and data types

What is the Fuel Prices API?

The HERE Fuel Prices API is a RESTful API that:

  • provides dynamic data on the price of fuel at fuel stations within a specified area and filtered by desired fuel type
  • provides lists of fuel stations within a specified area, including data on fuel types available, prices and location
  • provides data such as fuel prices and location information for individual fuel stations
  • provides a price index for a specified geometry that ranks the fuel stations using current prices and statistically-modelled prices where the price data is unavailable

Why use the Fuel Prices API?

The Fuel Prices API provides solutions for the following high level use cases.

  • Show lists of fuel stations with information on location and prices along a planned route or based on a location
  • Allow the user to sort fuel stations based on the price index