HERE Fuel Prices API
Fuel Prices API Developer's Guide


The CorridorSearchRequest structure contains information which is used to search fuel stations along the route.

Table 1. CorridorSearchRequest elements
Element Data Type Mandatory Description
maxResults Integer No The maximum number of results a response can contain. See maxresults for more details.
offset Integer No A value specifying the index of the first result. The offset together with the "maxresults" value can be used to support a paging mechanism on search results. See offset for more details.
fuelType String No

Comma separated integers identifying the fuel types or categories included in the response. Number of values is unlimited.

Stations with unknown price information are excluded from the result set by default. When showallstations parameter set to "true" then all stations within search area will be included in the result.

For more information on available fuel types and categories, see Fuel Types and Categories.

sortKey String No Criteria for sorting a list of search results.

The possible values are:

  • price (available when fueltype is specified as a query parameter, and its value is mapped to a single fuel type)
  • distance (only available for proximity search) – sorts by distance to fuel station.
sortOrder String No

The sort order of the results.

The possible values are:

  • asc (ascending)
  • desc (descending)

Default: asc

showAllStations Boolean No Also fuel stations with unknown price or fuel type information will be included in the result set. This parameter works together with fueltype parameter.

The possible values are:

  • true
  • false

Default: false

imageDimensions String No Request specific maximum size of brand icon image to match UI and bandwidth requirements.

The format is that specifies dimension for a scaled image by providing either the desired width, height, or both.

Valid elements are:

  • w\d+
  • h\d+
  • w\d+-h\d+


  • imagedimensions=w32-h32
  • imagedimensions=w300
  • imagedimensions=h200
Note: The provided values are used as upper boundaries for the dimensions of the returned image. The solution never scales up small image and will maintain the aspect ratio of the original image.
brand String No A list of brands to filter the stations in the response. The brand names in the list are separated with commas. The result contains only the stations that have brand field that match to the one of those specified in the list. The matching is not case sensitive.
corridor CorridorType Yes