HERE Fuel Prices API
Fuel Prices API Developer's Guide


The FuelPriceType structure attributes and elements contain details on fuel prices at stations.

Table 1. FuelPriceType elements
Element Attribute Data Type Mandatory Description
  fuelType String No Fuel type.

For more information on available fuel types and categories, see Fuel Types and Categories.

  unit String No Unit of measurement for fuel, for example, l or gal.
  currency String No Currency used in the price, for example, USD or EUR.
  lastUpdateTimestamp DateTime No

Information about when the fuel price information was last updated, in ISO 8601 format. If the time is UTC, a Z is added. An example of this kind of timestamp value is 2013-12-31T12:00:00.000Z. If the time is not UTC , then the offset is added as a ±[hh][mm] value (for example, 2014-01-14T10:00:00.000+0100).

price   Double No Real-time price for the fuel.
errorMargin   Double No The difference between estimated and real-time prices averaged over all reported fuel prices for the specified fuel type and for this particular station and rounded to the nearest hundredth. For example, +/- 0.05 EUR indicates an error rate of 5 cents in the estimated fuel prices. If the price is not an estimate, the errorMargin field is suppressed.
deltaPrice   Double No The difference between the price and the price for the cheapest station/fuel type pair for the specified geometry.
Note: Suppressed if
  • fueltype parameter is missing,
  • or multiple fuel measurement units are present in the response, for example, l and gal,
  • or multiple currencies are present in the response, for example, USD and CAD.
indexScore   Integer No Also known as a Fuel Price Index, this is a relative ranking for the fuel station in the specified area. When a fuel station has a low score, then its fuel price is lower than the prices at other stations with higher scores. Values are between 0 and 100.
Note: Suppressed if
  • fueltype parameter is missing,
  • or multiple currencies are present in the response and exchange rate for some currency is unknown,
  • or fuel category mapped to multiple fuel types is used.
Note: If the request does not contain a fueltype parameter and the price is estimated, fields price, deltaPrice, errorMargin, and indexScore are suppressed. Fuel station offers fuel, but for this fuel type the price is estimated. See the example, Fuel Price - all fuel types.