Geocoder Autocomplete API Developer's Guide

Key Concepts

This section provides detailed information on the features of the Geocoder Autocomplete API.

The Geocoder Autocomplete API allows you to request autocomplete suggestions based on submitted search terms and supports the following features:
  • no requirement for a minimum number of characters – suggestions are available based on only a single letter
  • world-wide indexing of the following elements for quick searches:
    • street names, house numbers
    • areas (any combination of district, city, county, state, country name and country code)
    • postal codes
  • response language selection based on relevance to query (for example, addresses in francophone countries)
  • street types matched to their abbreviated or spelled out forms
  • recognition of special characters like German umlauts, French acute accent or acute grave
  • spatial and region filters to return suggestions with greater relevance to end users
  • simple JSON responses
  • formatted labels for localized address formatting (for example, house no. first or street name first) and structured address fields in customizable order
  • support for highlighting a match