Geocoder Autocomplete API Developer's Guide

Requesting Autocomplete Suggestions

To request a list of address suggestions for the search text Pariser 1 Berl, send the following GET request:
Note: This example uses a HERE API Key to authenticate your request. For information on other possible options, see Authentication Guide. For examples of how to use the other authentication options with the Geocoder Autocomplete API, see Authentication Examples.
The response to the above request includes the following high level elements:
  • List of suggested matches to the search text with the label and individual address elements containing highlights showing matches for the search text.
  "suggestions": [
      "label": "Deutschland, Berlin, Berlin, 10117, Berlin, Pariser Platz 1",
      "language": "de",
      "countryCode": "DEU",
      "locationId": "NT_5mGkj3z90Fbj4abzMbUE4C_xA",
      "address": {
        "country": "Deutschland",
        "state": "Berlin",
        "county": "Berlin",
        "city": "Berlin",
        "district": "Mitte",
        "street": "Pariser Platz",
        "houseNumber": "1",
        "postalCode": "10117"
      "matchLevel": "houseNumber"
      "label": "Deutschland, Berlin, Berlin, 12623, Berlin, Pariser Straße",