Forward Geocoder on AWS Marketplace Developer's Guide

Find Street Intersections

Street intersections can be searched for using either freeform or qualified input. Either combine both street names in the single street field or as separate street names in fields street0 and street1. If two street names are provided in one text either within searchtext or street then separate the two names with one of and, at, & or @.

Intersection Search Example

The following requests show the three ways to search for street intersections.


The response for each of the requests is identical.

    Pine St & Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States
  <County>San Francisco</County>
  <City>San Francisco</City>
  <District>South Beach</District>
  <Street>Pine St & Market St</Street>
  <AdditionalData key="CountryName">United States</AdditionalData>
  <AdditionalData key="StateName">California</AdditionalData>