Forward Geocoder on AWS Marketplace Developer's Guide

Find Well Known Landmarks

You can find various types of well known landmarks using location search:

  • Major airports - using the IATA airport code or the airport name.
  • Landmarks of national importance - defined as landmarks whose names are recognizable without a city name. For example, Eiffel Tower is recognizable without the city name of Paris. These include:

    • Historical monuments
    • National parks
    • Tourist attractions

Example landmark request:

This example shows a global search for "Eiffel Tower".


The table below shows the category Ids for the most relevant landmark categories.

Table 2. Landmark Category Ids
Category Name Category Id
Highway Exit 116
Ferry Terminal 4482
Airport 4581
Historical Monument 5999
Sports Complex 7940
Park/Recreation Area 7947
Amusement Park 7996
Tourist Attraction 7999
Museum 8410
Border Crossing 9999