Forward Geocoder on AWS Marketplace Developer's Guide

Using Backwards Incompatible Features

All minor API updates and bugfixes are implemented in a way that does not break compatibility with existing applications. Major updates that significantly change the API behavior are released on a different URL.

Backwards Compatibility

The following request interface changes are considered backward compatible:

  • Adding new endpoints.
  • Adding new optional parameters.
  • Adding new enumeration values.
  • Changing a parameter from mandatory to optional.
  • Softening a parameter constraint.

The following changes in response structures are considered backward compatible:

  • Adding new optional elements.
  • Adding new enumeration values.
  • Switching from mandatory to optional for an element but still ensuring that the element will be populated for existing requests.
  • Adding new error subtypes.
  • Hardening constraint for an element value.

Adding new endpoints or optional parameters is not backwards compatible according to the classic definition of backwards compatibility, which states that the response from a more recent version of the API should still be valid according to the XML schema of an older version. For these reasons applications should be able to handle unknown elements and enumeration values while parsing a response.