Forward Geocoder on AWS Marketplace Developer's Guide

Geocode Request

Gecoding an Address

Send a request to the geocode endpoint to find an address using a combination of country, state, county, city, postal code, district, street and house number.

Search for an address by setting the searchtext parameter to 425 W Randolph St, Chicago.


Alternatively, specify individual parts of the address, such as housenumber, street, etc.


These requests return information about the location, including latitude and longitude, position within the navigable road network and information about the quality of the match of your input to the address or addresses it found.


MatchLevel shows that the most specific part of the match was house number. The match quality (which goes from 0 to 1) indicates a good match. A MatchType of pointAddress indicates that the exact address exists on the map. Other addresses are approximate and interpolated based on address ranges on the street segment they are on. The MatchType in those cases is interpolated and the result is usually less accurate than a pointAddress.

The Forward Geocoder on AWS Marketplace also finds locations such as countries, states, counties, cities, districts, and postal codes. The following example is a search for the city Berlin.


The response has only one result, Berlin in Germany, because Berlin is considered to be a prominent city. If you are looking for a city in a specific country then you can add the country name or country code to the searchtext. This gives a hint to the Geocoder. Or you can provide a strict country filter. This strictly limits the responses to that country. The following examples show both options in a search for the city Berlin in the USA.