Geocoder API Developer's Guide

Coverage Categories

The following sections provide additional information on the standard data categories for the Geocoder API.

Coverage Level

The following coverage levels are available by country/area for the Geocoder API:
  • Full: premium house no., street level – Full coverage to house number level with selected house numbers based on premium Point Adressing and/or Premium Address Ranges for high accuracy geocoding results.
  • Full: house no, street level – Full coverage to house number level based on Base Address Ranges that are interpolated for high accuracy geocoding results.
  • Selected streets, cities, country – Coverage down to street level.
  • Major cities, country – Coverage down to city level.

Map Release

HERE releases updates for its maps on a regular basis. This column indicates the version number of the latest release, indicated by the quarter and year of the release. The available map release version is also included in Geocoder API responses in the MapReference section if requested via locationattributes=mapReference.

MapVersion: Version of the map schema. Format: QQ/YYYY, e.g. Q1/2016

MapId: Map version details containing the base line for the map schema and an identifier for the weekly update. Format: <4-letter region>YYQ<weekly update>. Example: NAAM16109 (region: North America (NAAM), map schema: Q1/2016 (161), weekly update 09)

Map Data Classification

The underlying maps used in the Geocoder API are assigned one of the following categories:
  • HERE Map Content – This map category represents map content that is comprehensive, automotive-grade data suitable for navigation, location-based services, advanced route planning and enterprise applications. You'll find HERE Map Content in vehicle navigation systems, the top routing websites and millions of the top brands of GPS-enabled wireless devices around the world. They're also the maps powering geographic information systems, homeland security and they're the foundation for a new generation of location-based services.
  • Intermediate Map Content – This map category represents map content that is a separate class of map products provided to support customers who are interested in introducing LBS and navigation applications for emerging markets. Based on third-party source data deemed to be the highest available level of quality, Intermediate Map Content can be suitable for a range of functions, including navigation, search and display, and display only. However, they do not adhere to the same specifications or required verification as the company's flagship product, HERE Map Content. The Intermediate Map Content offering is an essential tool for customers who require maps in a faster time to market for key regions of the world, and desire the same exceptional service and support they have come to expect from us.
  • Entry Map Content – This map category represents map content that is a separate class of map product sourced from a third party, compiled and edge matched to HERE Map Content. Combining HERE Map Content data with Entry Map Content data enables seamless global or regional map-based solutions. This product is designed primarily for map display and positional location functionality. It has no navigable attributes and offers a limited road network. Entry Map Content has a broad variety of inclusion levels per country but each country will comply to a defined minimum specification. Sub-regions have been defined for ease of communication and product distribution: Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Indonesia, Latin America and Oceania.

Localized Address Labels

This value indicates whether localized address labels are available.

Point Addresses

Point Addressing provides a point adjusted to the road as a precise address location. This product resolves non-standard addressing issues in countries where non-sequential numbering is used or where address ranges do not exist. For some countries, point address data is not available.

Postal Code Boundaries

This value indicates whether shape information is available for postal codes in the country/area.

Postal Codes

This value indicates whether postal code information is available for the country/area. Note that some countries/area do not have ay postal codes, others may have postal codes, but the data is not available, and others have postal codes that are available.

Postal Code Format

Different countries have different postal code formats. This column indicates the expected format. For example, Andorra's postal code format is ADNNN (for example, AD100 for Canillo) and the Isle of Man's postal code format is CCN NAA (for example, IM5 1LP for The Links, Peel or CCNN NAA for PO boxes and large postal recipients).