Geocoder API Developer's Guide

Customizing the Response

The response to a successful request always contains a default set of elements. However, the service offers flexibility in this respect, allowing you to fine-tune the response by elminating information you do not require or adding information that is not among the default elements. You can manage the information in the response through attribute switch parameters:

For example, to add matchCode and parsedRequest, add the following to the request:


You can also use abbreviated names of the response elements:


The following example removes mapView so that the response contains only address and mapReference:


To add additionalData to the previous example and to ensure that the response contains address, mapReference and additionalData, use:


If all attributes except mapView are required, use the value all and remove unnecessary attributes. The following example causes the whole attribute set except mapView to be included in the response:

If you only want to specify a small set of attributes, use the value none followed by the required attributes. The following example shows how ensure that address is the only location attribute in the response.

The table below documents the supported attribute switch parameters and their values. (This information is also available under Geocode Resource.)

Table 1. Supported attribute switch parameters
Attribute switch Values

A comma-separated list whose elements are present in the response data.

Enumeration [country, state, county, city, district, subdistrict, street, houseNumber, postalCode, addressLines, additionalData]

Abbreviated forms: [ctr, sta, cty, cit, dis, sdi, str, hnr, pst, aln, add]

Default in response: All except addressLines.

Note: The value names are case-sensitive.

A comma-separated list whose elements are present in the response data.

Enumeration [address, mapReference, mapView, addressDetails, streetDetails, additionalData, adminIds, linkInfo, adminInfo, timeZone, addressNamesBilingual, related.nearByAddress]

Abbreviated forms: [ar, mr, mv, dt, sd, ad, ai, li, in, tz, nb, rn]

The adminIds switch is available with forward geocoding only.

For retrieving Time Zone information the parameter adminInfo has to be added, e.g., locationattributes=adminInfo,timeZone

In reverse geocoding results, adminIds are always present unless turned off through locationattributes=none. locationattributes=-adminIds has no effect on reverse geocoding results.

The related.nearByAddress switch is available with the trackPosition mode of reverse geocoding only.

Default in reverse geocoding response: address, mapView, additionalData, mapReference, adminIds.

Default in forward geocoding response: address, mapView, additionalData.

With mapReference link PVID, side of street, and admin area PVIDs are present in the response data. With adminIds, only admin area PVIDs are present.

Note: The value names are case-sensitive.

A comma-separated list whose elements are present in the response data.

Enumeration [performedSearch, matchQuality, matchType, matchCode, parsedRequest]

Abbreviated forms: [ps, mq, mt, mc, pr]

Default in response: matchQuality, matchType

Note: he value names are case-sensitive.