Geocoder API Developer's Guide

Micro Point Unit Addressing

The Forward Geocoder now matches to secondary address units based on HERE Micro Point Address data and includes the precise location information in the response. This feature allows matching and retrieval of secondary addresses for point addresses such as apartments, suites, units, and so on.

There are many use cases where this precise location information can be helpful. For example, delivery services can route to and make their deliveries directly to a particular unit in a large complex, instead of routing to the main address point of the complex.

Micro Point Unit Addressing Activation

This feature is available in the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand. You can enable this feature using the following parameter:


The feature is disabled by default.

The point address result has an additional matchQuality field for the unit to indicate a micro point address has been found. In addition, in a related section, details of the micro point unit address:
  • A type microPointAddress
  • A unique location ID that can be used to re-retrieve the micro point unit address
  • A set of navigation coordinates and where available the display coordinates
  • An address section with:
    • A label containing the unit designator and the micro point unit address
    • A unit field containing the micro point unit address
  • When you enable the following features, the details are available specifically for the micro point unit address:
    • &locationattributes=mapReference
      • referenceId which refers to the micro point’s navigation link
      • addressId which refers to the id of the micro point
    • &locationattributes=linkInfo
      • linkInfo with link details on the micro point’s navigable link
This feature requires that one of the following secondary unit designators is provided preceding the micro point unit address and separated with a space character:
  • "Unit"
  • "Apartment" or "APT"
  • "Suite" or "STE"
  • "#"
  • "Building" or "BLDG"
  • "Office" or "OFC"
  • "Penthouse" or "PH"
  • "Room" or "RM"
  • "Space" or "SPC"

Micro Point Unit Addressing Example

The following example is a search for "1731 Pryor Rd SW Unit 306, Atlanta, GA 30315" and requesting additional micro point unit addressing information:
Note: This example uses a HERE API Key to authenticate your request. For the available authentication options, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide.

There is only one result for this query. Here is the matchQuality portion of the main point address result and the related location of the result specific to the micro point unit:

      <Label>1731 Pryor Rd SW Unit 306, Atlanta, GA 30315, United States</Label>
      <Street>Pryor Rd SW</Street>