Geocoder API Developer's Guide


In case of an error, Geocoder API returns an empty response with one of the following HTTP response codes. Failed authentication is also signalled by one of the respective HTTP response codes 401 and 403. The following table shows the most common response codes.

HTTP Status Code Status Description
400 Bad Request Either the request is not well formed or one or more of the parameters are invalid by key or value.
401 Unauthorized Validation of apiKey failed. The apiKey is not entitled to use the Geocoder API. If you are using app_id/app_code authentication, validation of app_id/app_code pair failed. Either app_code does not match the app_id or the app_id is not entitled to use the Geocoder API. For more information, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide.
403 Forbidden Access credentials do no allow for using this endpoint or resource.
404 Not Found The requested endpoint does not exist. This is a permanent error.
408 Request Timeout Client did not complete sending the full request with the time limit.
499 Client closed request The client closed the connection before the service could send a response.
500 Internal Server Error The service was not able to process this request due to an unexpected software condition.
502 Bad Gateway The service is temporarily unavailable.
503 Service Unavailable The service is temporarily unavailable.
504 Gateway Timeout The service is temporarily unavailable.