Geocoder API Developer's Guide


Values to describe special characteristics of a link.

The following enumeration values are available for LinkFlagType:

  • ControlledAccess

    Identifies roads with limited entrances and exits that allow uninterrupted high speed traffic flow.

  • MultiDigitized

    Indicates if the navigable link is part of a road network where each driving direction is separately digitized.

  • Frontage

    Indication if the navigable link is a frontage road. Frontage roads are local roads that run parallel to and usually contain the name(s) and addresses of a road with a higher traffic flow.

  • Paved

    Indication if the navigable link is paved.

  • Ramp

    Indication if the navigable link represents a Ramp. Ramps are connectors that provide access between roads that do not cross at grade.

  • Private

    Identifies roads not maintained by an organization responsible for maintenance of public roads.

  • Tollway

    Identifies a navigable link for which a fee must be paid to use the road.

  • PoiAccess

    Indication if a navigable link is a POI Access Road. POI Access Roads connect Points of Interest (POIs) to the road network. These roads provide the only means of entrance or exit from a POI to a public road.

  • FourWheelDrive

    Indicates roads which are only suitable for vehicles with four-wheel drive.

  • ParkingLotRoad

    Indication if a Link is internal to a parking lot area.

  • CarpoolRoad

    Identifies a Link where, at specific times, all lanes serve as Carpool lane.

  • Reversible

    Indicates that a Link is fully reversible, which implies that traffic changes direction for a specific time frame.

  • ExpressLane

    Indication if the link serves as an Express Lane.