Geocoder API Developer's Guide


A GeoProximityType represents a circular area. This type is derived from the abstract base type GeoAreaType.

The ProximityType has the following attributes:

  • Center

    Center of the circular area.

    • Latitude

      WGS-84 / degrees with (-90 <= Latitude <=90)

    • Longitude

      WGS-84 / degrees with (-180 <= Longitude <=180)

    • Altitude

      Currently unused

  • Radius

    Radius in meters

Query Parameter Representation

The GeoProximityType can be represented in query strings as follows:

<Latitude> + "," + <Longitude> (+ "," + <Radius>)?

If possible, i.e. if there is no risk of name clashes, the preferred name for the parameter of a ProximityType element is "prox".

Example: prox=37.7890649,-122.4027371,1000