Geocoder API Developer's Guide

Multi Reverse Geocode Response

The MultiSearchResponseType structure is the top level element returned by multi reverse geocode requests. It contains Meta Information and one or more Items. Each item corresponds to one of the items in the request, correlated by an ItemId. A response Item contains a list of Search Results, which wrap the Location objects found for the request.

Figure 1. Overview Multi Search Response Types

Response (MultiSearchResponseType)

Table 1. Response elements
Type Description
MetaInfo Meta Information about the Request
Item List of response items, each element wrapping the result of a corresponding input item in the request.

MetaInfo (MultiSearchResponseMetaInfoType)

Table 2. MetaInfo elements
Type Description
RequestId Mirrored RequestId value from the request structure.Used to trace requests.
Timestamp Time at which the search was performed.
AdditionalData List of KeyValuePairType elements as generic container to attach additional information to the request.

Item (MultiSearchResponseItemType)

Table 3. Item elements
Type Description
ItemId This element contains the key which was specified in the corresponding request item. If no ItemId has been specified in the request the ItemId is constructed as the counter of the input items starting with 0.
Result The resulting alternative items which have been found along with attributes indicating the quality of the search result.