Geocoder API Developer's Guide


Speed Category classifies the general speed trend of a road based on posted or implied speed limit. Speed Category values represent the combination of several factors besides legal speed limit (e.g. physical restriction or access characteristics). Therefore, Speed Category values can differ from Speed Limit values, which represent the legal speed limits only.

The enumeration values SC1 - SC8 represent the following speed ranges:

Table 1. Speed Categories
Speed Category Speed range in km/h Speed range in MPH
SC1 >130 km/h >80 MPH
SC2 101-130 km/h 65-80 MPH
SC3 91-100 km/h 55-64 MPH
SC4 71-90 km/h 41-54 MPH
SC5 51-70 km/h 31-40 MPH
SC6 31-50 km/h 21-30 MPH
SC7 11-30 km/h 6-20 MPH
SC8 <11 km/h <6 MPH