Geocoder API Release Notes

Known Issues

The following table lists issues known to be present in the current release of the Geocoder API.

# Description


Reverse Geocoder does not return locationID for results with match type "postalCode" for high precision postal codes.


Forward Geocoder request for an Irish address and the prox parameter placed within Ireland does not return correct address in Ireland.


Taiwan Geocoding - Island Names cannot be geocoded - 2013Q3 TWN Map improvements

Islands to be considered as a part of Taiwan.


Taiwan - Street Fallback - Returning the Best Candidate

If an address is not in the map, either a house number fallback or up-hierarchy street level match is expected. But in some cases, the Geocoder returns an address in the wrong street or lane.



House number 1 is not in the map data. The result is therefore a fallback to house number 19:

No. 19, Jie Shou N. Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County 500, Taiwan

But if a house number fallback is not accepted (parameter: additionaldata=HouseNumberMode,Streetlevel), then the result is expected to be a street level match:

Jie Shou N. Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County 500, Taiwan

The current response is an address match in a different – although close - street (South instead of North) and in a lane while the request did not specify a lane:

No. 1, Lane 36, Jie Shou S. Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County 500, Taiwan


Labels for highway exits do not include the exit number.

The label only contains the highway name.

Workaround: Use the highway name and exit number from the name field.


The navigation coordinate in the response for Hong Kong building name matches is not always correct. It is the same as the display coordinate. The navigation coordinate is correct only when the query matches a house number in addition to the building name (MatchQuality element houseNumber exists in the result).

Example: The queries

Shek Wu Shui Baptist Chapel, Hong Kong and

Shek Wu Shui Baptist Chapel, 33 Fu Hing St, Hong Kong

both match to the same address. But the navigation coordinate is correct for the latter query only.