Geocoder API Release Notes

Map Data Version

The Geocoder API provides weekly map data updates. Weekly map data updates are based on the 2020 base line.

The following exceptions exist with no weekly map data updates:

  • Hong Kong based on 2018.Q1 map data
  • Macau based on 2019.Q1 map data
  • Pakistan based on 2013.Q1 map data
  • Israel and West Bank based on 2018.Q1 map data
  • Cambodia and Myanmar based on 2019.Q1 map data

The following countries have been updated:

  • Anguilla: now Intermediate Map Content
  • Cambodia: now Intermediate Map Content
  • Curacao: now Intermediate Map Content
  • Dominican Republic: now HERE Map Content
  • Faroe Islands: now HERE Map Content
  • Myanmar: now Entry Map Content