Geocoder API Developer's Guide

Reading a Geocoding Response

The Geocoder API has the following basic response structure.
  • a MetaInfo object that lists meta information about the request, such as the RequestId, Timestamp, and other additional data
  • a View object that groups search results, where the ViewId acts as a key to distinguish between different types of views
  • one or more Result objects containing the resulting items found along with attributes that determine the quality of the search result, such as:
    • Relevance – the higher the score the more relevant the alternative; always normalized between 0 and 1
    • Distance – the distance, in meters, between the identified location object and the specified client position
    • Direction – the direction of the location object as seen from the specified client position measured clockwise in degrees starting with 0 at true north
    • MatchLevel – the most detailed address field that matches the geocoding or reverse geocoding query
    • MatchQuality – attribute level information about the match quality; always 1.0 for reverse geocode results
    • MatchType – quality of the location match, either pointAddress or interpolated
    • Location – the location that was found, with the LocationId, LocationType, Address and so on

Example response structure:

{"Response": {
  "MetaInfo": {"Timestamp": "2016-11-09T10:17:23.943+0000"},
  "View": [{
    "_type": "SearchResultsViewType",
    "ViewId": 0,
    "Result": [{
      "Relevance": 1,
      "MatchLevel": "houseNumber",
      "MatchQuality": {
        "State": 1,
        "City": 1,
        "Street": [0.9],
        "HouseNumber": 1
      "MatchType": "pointAddress",
      "Location": {
        "LocationId": "NT_nL.dzNwdSJgdcF4U8dYEiC_yADM",
        "LocationType": "point",
        "DisplayPosition": {
          "Latitude": 37.37634,
          "Longitude": -122.03405
        "NavigationPosition": [{
          "Latitude": 37.37643,
          "Longitude": -122.03444
        "MapView": {
          "TopLeft": {
            "Latitude": 37.3774642,
            "Longitude": -122.0354646
          "BottomRight": {
            "Latitude": 37.3752158,
            "Longitude": -122.0326354
        "Address": {
          "Label": "200 S Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, United States",
          "Country": "USA",
          "State": "CA",
          "County": "Santa Clara",
          "City": "Sunnyvale",
          "District": "Heritage District",
          "Street": "S Mathilda Ave",
          "HouseNumber": "200",
          "PostalCode": "94086",
          "AdditionalData": [
              "value": "United States",
              "key": "CountryName"
              "value": "California",
              "key": "StateName"
              "value": "Santa Clara",
              "key": "CountyName"
              "value": "N",
              "key": "PostalCodeType"

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