Misspelled location query

A user in New Jersey searching for the New York Giants football stadium on his cellphone using the HERE Wego app, omits the letter "r", misspelling this stadium as "New Yok Gia" in the query:

GET https://autosuggest.search.hereapi.com/v1

Authorization: Bearer [your token]

Notice that the API included the correct location for "New York Giants" in the items:

  "items": [
      "title": "New York Giants",
      "resultType": "place",
      "id": "here:pds:place:8408lxx5-e06a65cc857e0b16d1700eb05bf23def",
      "title": "Giant near New York, NY, United States",
      "id": "here:cm:ontology:giant-here:cm:namedplace:21019301",
      "resultType": "chainQuery",
      "href": "https://...",
      "highlights": { "title": [{ "start": 0, "end": 5 }] }

More details about /autosuggest parameters can be found in the API Reference.

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