Hybrid queries

Qualified and free form input can be combined. This can be helpful, for instance, when the end-user inputs the free-form text into a single search box while the application provides the structured elements in the background for local focus.

Another example, when the application provides to the end-user an input box for a free-form address text and e.g. a drop-down box for postal codes.

The address query 141 Boulevard Émile Thomas with postal code set to 83300 can be formulated with the following:

GET https://geocode.search.hereapi.com/v1/

Authorization: Bearer [your token]

The response to the above request looks like the following:

  "items": [
      "title": "141 Boulevard Émile Thomas, 83300 Draguignan, France",
      "id": "here:af:streetsection:hqlRKFTx4wa5F6e9DhA2HA:CggIBCCd0YiOAxABGgMxNDEoZA",
      "resultType": "houseNumber",
      "houseNumberType": "PA",
      "address": {
        "label": "141 Boulevard Émile Thomas, 83300 Draguignan, France",
        "countryCode": "FRA",
        "countryName": "France",
        "stateCode": "PAC",
        "state": "Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur",
        "county": "Var",
        "city": "Draguignan",
        "street": "Boulevard Émile Thomas",
        "postalCode": "83300",
        "houseNumber": "141"
      "position": {
        "lat": 43.52944,
        "lng": 6.47991
      "access": [
          "lat": 43.52938,
          "lng": 6.48023
      "mapView": {
        "west": 6.47867,
        "south": 43.52854,
        "east": 6.48115,
        "north": 43.53034
      "scoring": {
        "queryScore": 1,
        "fieldScore": {
          "streets": [
          "houseNumber": 1,
          "postalCode": 1

More details about /geocode parameters can be found in the API Reference.

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