BYOD user stories

The HERE Geocoding and Search offers the opportunity for creative solutions to your use cases. The following are some stories for different industries.

Banking consortium with unified network

As a customer of one of the banks in the consortium:

  • I need an application to know about the closest ATM belonging to the bank consortium.

As a bank belonging to the consortium:

  • I want to give my customers an application to search and navigate to my ATMs and those of the banks with which I am partnering.

  • That app will help me better understand the customer's behaviors to improve my customer services.

  • I need the app to restrict the access to my data to end users having installed the consortium application.

  • For this, I am willing to provide my ATM data to the consortium platform layers and be guaranteed that the access to my data is restricted to me and the consortium.

As a app developer contracted by the banking consortium:

  • I need a Search API that exposes all ATMs from banks belonging to the consortium to allow any end user installing my app to find relevant, nearby ATMs.
  • That API will allow me to specify both the different platform layers containing ATM data belonging to the banks in the consortium, and how that data will be made searchable.

Electical vehicle OEM

As an automotive OEM:

  • I need to enable my electric vehicles to adapt their routes and integrate an optimal recharging pause.

  • For this, I need the in-vehicle-infotainment system to be able to access a Search API specifically tailored for my purpose, hosting both the EV Charging Stations I own and those from a third-party supplier I license data.

  • The API should guarantee that the data I own or purchase is only accessible to my electric vehicles.

  • I also need the electric vehicle companion application to integrate a search capability that supports those EV charging stations.

As a call center contracted for a hotline of a legal insurnace company:

  • I need to provide personalized yellow pages support about lawyer offices to customers calling the hotline.

  • I need to inform those customers about nearby lawyer offices with precise legal specialties, names, phone number and addresses.

  • I need for this to be able to query an updated database containing lawyers data that the company is willing to maintain in an exclusive platform layer.

College private map

As a student at the college:

  • I need a student coach app that supports my life as a student on the campus.

  • The application should help me to find any building or department on the campus private map, such as the lecture hall.

As an application developer:

  • I need an easy way to create a search endpoint that exposes places only accessible to members of the college.

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