Bring your own data (BYOD)

You can use your own proprietary and curated datasets, leverage the quality of HERE Map Data, and take advantage of the HERE Geocoding and Search's services to support points of interest.

Note: Bring Your Own Data capabilities are only available to customers with a HERE Workspace license.

Add and manage your own points of interest and their attributes

There are several options:

  • Use the HERE platform pipeline Self-Service to add an intake channel for your points of interest in your own realm
  • Use HERE Geocoding and Search in HERE platform portal to query your own points of interests
  • Retrieve your points of interests by name, category, location, and any other custom attribute
  • Update in your realm your point of interests dataset at the needed frequency
  • Align points of interest to the HERE map to make them navigatible
  • Combine your points of interests with HERE places
  • Continuously refresh your own point of interests' custom attributes

Get familiar with HERE platform

The HERE platform supports the following use cases:

  • Bring your own data into HERE platform
  • Visualize data
  • Transform data
  • Enrich your data with different data sources

HERE platform provides:

  • A GUI for managing, exploring, and analyzing your data and data transformation processes (pipelines)
  • A set of REST APIs for managing data, managing pipelines, and retrieving authentication tokens
  • An SDK containing:
    • A command-line interface (CLI) for managing data and pipelines
    • Java and Scala libraries for managing data, creating batch and streaming pipelines
    • TypeScript libraries for visualizing data
    • Maven Archetypes for setting up basic project scaffolding

For further information about the HERE platform, refer to HERE platform Documentation.

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