HERE Geocoding and Search comprises 7 services, each of them materialized with a separate endpoint for the production environment.

Endpoints provide access to API resources. These resources provide a wide variety of location data, including addresses, geocoordinates and location ontology that can help users find where they are and where they want to go.

Each request you and your users create and submit to the endpoint URL, returns items based on the parameters that were specified. Some parameters are required, others optional. Familiarize yourself with basic capabilities of each endpoint before you start coding.

Services overview

  • Discover provides users the ability to find a known place or address (partial or complete), as well as discover an unknown place. The latter requires information to help the end-user make a decision whether or not to visit. The expectation is that multiple items may be returned and the end-user will select the most appropriate.

  • Autosuggest provides term and query suggestions as the end-user types. Spell correction is included.

  • Geocode returns the geocoordinates for a single requested address. (NOTE: If the query is ambiguous, the API may return multiple items.)

  • Autocomplete provides completion of the entered keystrokes to the valid addresses. No spell correction is included.

  • Browse enables end-users to slice and dice HERE Map Content through various filters.

  • Lookup by ID finds one result based on its unique location ID.

  • Reverse Geocode returns the nearest address to known geo-coordinates.

Endpoint URLs

The following are the current endpoint URLs for submitting API requests:

  • autosuggest - https://autosuggest.search.hereapi.com/v1/autosuggest
  • search - https://discover.search.hereapi.com/v1/discover
  • geocode - https://geocode.search.hereapi.com/v1/geocode
  • autocomplete - https://autocomplete.search.hereapi.com/v1/autocomplete
  • browse - https://browse.search.hereapi.com/v1/browse
  • lookup by ID - https://lookup.search.hereapi.com/v1/lookup
  • revgeocode - https://revgeocode.search.hereapi.com/v1/revgeocode


  • All API calls use a GET method with an Authorization bearer in the header.
  • For current information about request and response parameters for the various endpoints, refer to the API Reference.

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