Supported Political Views

HERE Geocoding and Search allows showing territories with unresolved claims through the point of view of particular countries. By default, HERE Geocoding and Search shows for such disputed territories a neutral view as defined by HERE Geopolitical Board.

The customer application may choose a political view by setting politicalView parameter. More details can be found in the Political Views section.

Currently supported political views:

  • EGY
  • KEN
  • MAR
  • RUS
  • SDN
  • SRB
  • SUR
  • SYR
  • TZA
  • URY

Each political view express the view of a particular country on one or more disputed territories.

Currently supported disputes:

Dispute Example Coordinates Political View Support Description
Crimea 44.95748,34.10827 default, RUS Default = Part of Ukraine; RUS = As part of Russia
Kosovo 42.6718168,21.1624711 default, SRB Default = Country Kosovo; SRB = As part of Serbia
Vukovar and Sarengrad Islands (*) 45.34718,19.03334 45.26123,19.24687 default, SRB Default = Part of Croatia; SRB = As part of Serbia
Western Sahara 24.118844,-13.7725855 default, MAR Default = Country Western Sahara; MAR = As part of Morocco
Rincon de Artigas -31.01747,-55.96375 default, URY Default = Part of Brazil; URY = As part of Uruguay
Ilemi Triangle 4.7502929,35.2197958 default, KEN Default = Part of South Sudan; KEN = As part of Kenya
Lake Malawi (*) -9.98382,34.39834 default, TZA Default = Part of Malawi; TZA = As part of Tanzania
Courantyne Headwaters (*) 2.58345,-57.06952 default, SUR Default = Part of Guyana; SUR = As part of Suriname
Lawa Headwaters (*) 2.8357961,-54.1090861 default, SUR Default = Part of French Guiana; SUR = As part of Suriname
Bir Tawil 21.84115,33.90623 default, EGY Default = Part of Sudan; EGY = As part of Egypt
Halaib Triangle 22.24593,36.01012 default, SDN Default = Part of Egypt; SDN = As part of Sudan
Golan Heights 33.0251542,35.6760745 default, SYR Default = Part of Israel; SYR = As part of Syria

(*) These disputes have no street addresses. Therefore the political view has impact limited to /revgeocode only.

We will extend the list of the supported political views with the next HERE Geocoding and Search releases.

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